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  1. Legislative , Executive and Judicial all of branch . Now I learn about Executive have all include president , vice president and cabinet . President means support vice president follow to president control country . Legislative paper new law send to president get paper read good law . President said ” Yes ” become law approve or president read bad law . President said “No” vetoes means reject . Also if president look someone jail . Person any none do bad things not wrong or guilty did it . Person self innocent . President can do looking pardon . Pardon means not stay pardon can leave . Also for judge decided which right and wrong send jail or not . President pick special judges for real important judge pick send . All people pick president one elected .
    So next Judge pick should show congress . judge want them people work for me elected and judge two branch fine? lots cabinet said ” Yes or No “. understand balance president , vice president and new law yes or no . congress looking cabinet president want work for you . congress said wonder ” Yes or No ” . People share responsible and share power yes or no both agree . president every four years . We elected new president also one person can become president still for four years . Again elected become president add can work eight years. Eight years can become president again ? No only eight years limit !

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